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Exciting games are the ones that keep you on your toes, whether you’re competing in a balloon-stomping contest or solving an epic puzzle. This year’s lineup is packed with exciting games that challenge gamer’s skills, for which many of them even get a league of legends coaching service.


Starfield will appeal to fans of sci fi and adventure. Bethesda has just released its first new franchise in 25 years. The setting is a far cry from the medieval settings and post-apocalyptic worlds of other popular series.

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Starfield is set to take us into the stars in a game that Howard has described as “Skyrim in space.” This should appeal to those who love the sense of exploration and freedom that Bethesda games have long been known for. It’s a concept that was sadly lost with the development of titles like Fallout Shelter and The Elder Scrolls Blades, so it’s good to see the company returning to its strengths with Starfield.

One of the features that has been revealed is the ability to create your own ships, and then use them to explore a galaxy. This could provide players with a unique way to experience Starfield and will certainly give them a lot of opportunities for combat between ships.

Starfield will also allow you to smuggle off-planet drugs. This could be the perfect way to make extra money, live a life as a criminal or spice up your galaxy journey.


Avalanche Studios – the team behind Mad Max & Just Cause – is preparing to release Contraband Police, its newest project. This co-op heist game takes place in 1970s Bayan, a fictional Southeast Asian “smuggler’s paradise” that looks to be quite the playground for players. The game’s characters are border patrol officers and the story includes many different narratives. Players must manage these in their daily tasks. This makes for a surprising deep experience. It also helps players to feel like they’re part of a wider world.

Contraband Police offers a variety of activities that will keep players engaged. Checking paperwork, searching for smuggled goods and tracking down runners are all part of the job description. The game also features an in-game intuition meter that lets you know when someone’s papers don’t match up. This gives the game a unique twist that helps it stand out from other similar titles.

The game’s ambitions in terms of service are similar to those of Sea of Thieves. This game has been a huge success due to its frequent updates and post-launch assistance. It’s also the first time that Avalanche Studios has worked with a platform holder as a first-party developer, and it’s set to arrive in Xbox Game Pass on day one. This will certainly help the company’s reputation, especially since it comes from a team that was once on the verge of bankruptcy.

The Lamplighters League

Harebrained Schemes, the studio behind the Shadowrun series and 2018’s Battletech, has another big turn-based strategy game on its hands. The Lamplighters League pits a ragtag band of scoundrels in a 1930s pulp story against a dangerous group. Katharine was able to play three of the League’s 10 playable agents during a preview. The developer has now revealed the rest, along with an exciting cinematic trailer that highlights the game’s chaos.

The Lamplighters League takes players on an epic quest around the globe to stop a tyrannical, world-dominating cult known as the Banished Court. The Lamplighters League allows players to manage their team at a global scale, sending them on missions around the map, and allowing them a real-time view of battlefields before combat begins.

The cutscenes of the game have a Pixar flair, which is also evident in the isometric maps and character designs. That’s a good thing, too, because it’s the kind of style that can help The Lamplighters League stand out from other games with similar settings and themes. The story also takes inspiration from classic pulp adventures, such as Rio Bravo and Assault on Precinct 13. The Lamplighters League has no release date yet, but you’re able to wishlist it on Steam or Epic Games Store. S in the second half of this year. And if you are good at gaming, high is the chance you’d do well playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via https://betend.io/.


Ken Levine hasn’t made a BioShock in nearly nine year, but his studio Ghost Story Games has something up its sleeve. The team revealed Judas at the Game Awards, a sci-fi FPS that puts you in the role of a woman trapped on a decaying spaceship. The trailer doesn’t reveal a lot, but there are clear tonal and gaming echoes from the original BioShock. You’ll be using a variety of weapons and Plasmid power-ups to fight enemies on the ship. Its art-deco interiors, retro advertisements and retro advertisements would look right at home in Rapture.

The trailer doesn’t offer many clues as to what the story will entail, but its setting and name suggest biblical allegory. The betrayal of Jesus Christ has been a source of inspiration for many artists, and it seems that the developers of Judas want to draw similar parallels between the character’s betrayal of his followers and a modern, technologically advanced setting.

Rise Of The Ronin

The latest entry in Team Ninja’s storied legacy, Rise of the Ronin was revealed during PlayStation’s State of Play showcase last September. Its cryptic announcement trailer, which was released last September, featured overblown melee combat and masterful swordsmanship. It also showed streaks of blood, fire, and gliders.

A console exclusive for PlayStation 5, the game takes place in 19th century Japan, specifically during the Bakumatsu period, when Japan was beginning to open itself to foreign influence. This is a period of oppressive feudal lords and deadly diseases. There was also a civil war between Tokugawa Shogunate factions and the Anti-Shogunate. Players will assume the role of a customizable Ronin, a warrior bound by no master, to navigate this fractured world and find their own way forward.

It remains to be seen whether Rise of the Ronin will feature any of the intricate RPG systems from Team Ninja’s previous successes in the genre, but the trailer suggests that this is another Soulslike game in the mold of Nioh and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Like those titles, this is a third-person action-RPG with an emphasis on melee combat and a healthy helping of open-world exploration. There are landmarks to explore, artifacts to find, and territories that you can plunder. The upcoming samurai adventure looks fantastic, plays well and has a compelling narrative premise. It’s not too far away, but worth keeping your eye on.

Park Beyond

The theme park industry is a fascinating and exciting one, and Park Beyond attempts to capture that spirit in a colorful video game. The game’s colourful graphics effectively evokes the world of theme park design and the exhilarating ride experience of rollercoaster. However, the gameplay is challenging enough for the more rigorous management simulator-playing crowd.

Park Beyond is unique in that it offers a feature called “impossification” which allows you to defy gravity with different contraptions. You can, for example, build a Ferris Wheel with multiple layers and make your coasters detach themselves from their tracks to create a more thrilling experience. The developers even include a research feature that unlocks more crazier components for your rides. For example, cannons shoot your carts up into the air and split tracks let your trains jump off their tracks for a short time before they jump back on.

As with most theme park games, the goal is to grow your park and add new attractions while maintaining profitability. The game has a unique twist, which energizes the building process. It also provides an incentive for you to keep expanding your park.


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