Olympic Games- Its Origin, Music, Medals

Olympic Games are one of the world’s best sports competition held two times every four years. There is not any great competition than the Olympic Games in which more than 100 nations participate. Thousands of athletes prepare themselves for these sports, which are held in summers and winters and termed as Summer Olympic and Winter Olympic Games.

Let us discuss them in more detail:

The origin of Olympic Games

The origin of the Olympic Games is through Greece; the ancient Greeks have planned to organize an event to gather all Greece athletes at one ground, which can be possible through some significant even. Therefore, through this idea, the Olympic Games originated, and it was planned to organize this event two times in four years. At that time, this even includes pentathlon and wrestling, but later, with changing time, it includes various other games like a footrace, boxing, the long jump, javelin throw, and many more.

The symbol it represents

To recognize this event, there are many important symbols through which every sportsperson is aware. The Olympic flag contains five rings with the color yellow, black, red, green and blue, etc. this flag was introduced in 1914. These five rings represent the five continents named Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. The flag containing these five rings is raised in the city in which the Olympic games are held.

The Olympic torch that consists of a significant part was also brought back with great publicity. This torch symbolizes the struggle for success, and it keeps burning until the game ends.

Olympic music

The Olympic anthem is termed as “Olympic music.” the torch and flag play a significant role in the opening ceremony. The players of each country march behind their flags as they represent their country in this event. Athletes from each country march towards the venue at the music of their country’s anthem.

Everyone welcomes the athletes with great excitement and fun, and after the country’s anthem ends, the game starts to begin.

Take oath

Every athlete representing their country takes the oath to play with true sportsmanship and respect the game rules and abide by them. This oath is taken at the opening ceremony before starting the games to keep the spirit of sportsmanship alive.

Medals for winners

In earlier times, only one winner was declared and is awarded a crown of olives leaves. The second and third position was not given any priority. But later, in 1896, silver medals were introduced, which was the reward for the winner. With changing time, medals are also changing as in 1904, a gold medal awards the top winner, the second winner gets a silver medal, and the third winner is awarded a bronze medal.


There is a healthy competition among athletes, and every athlete tries to give their best at this event as in this event they represent our country. In this event, it is not the victory of a player or a team. Still, it is a victory for the whole country. These events contain a variety of games and give equal importance to each game.


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