What Are The Most Common Sports Injuries?

Participating in one or more sport is the best way to get a healthy and active lifestyle. It has several benefits to our health like good muscular strength, adequate respiration, suitable health, and many other benefits. Sometimes, sports may also cause severe injury to our body parts like a knee injury, muscular pain, fractures in any body part, back pain or back injuries, etc.

These injuries may result from improper training or not practicing your sport daily or may be due to wearing improper sporting gear. There may be some other reason like carelessness, using overweight pieces of equipment having more weight than the body. Ensure the gear properly fits in your body, neither loose nor tight, as this may cause uncomfortable during the tournament.

This article gives you complete details of various sports injuries during practicing or playing any sport. Let’s discuss them one by one-

Knee injuries

Our knee plays a significant part in any sport; without a proper knee joint, we can’t run or even stand properly. Knee injuries are mainly caused due to twisting or bending force applied to the knee, or it may be due to falling during running or accident. The typical knee injuries include fractures around the knee, sprains, dislocation, and soft tissue tears like ligaments.


Fractures may be caused to any body part during playing or practicing the sport. It may happen when too much force is applied to a bone and result in its breakage. It may mostly occur in arms, legs, elbow, or feet. It may take weeks or months to immobilization to heal any fracture, or sometimes it needs surgery to correct.


Strains are the most common injury type that can be occurred during playing or practicing any sport. This is mainly an injury caused to the tissue that connects our muscles and bones. Partial tear of tendon tissue may result in mild strain, while complete breakage may cause extreme strain. Joint muscle strains include strained squads, pulled groin muscle, hamstrings, etc.


Concussion may happen when players head hits forcibly to some hard surface. This may occur while practicing the standard sports like football, basketball, baseball, cricket, etc. this results in swelling in our head, headache, sleeplessness, or sometimes a temporary loss of consciousness. We may not take it lightly as it can have dangerous effects if left untreated.

Back pain

Back pain is one of the common sports injuries that frequently causes upper or lower back pain. This injury can be caused due to the quick and forceful movement of body parts, exercising, tackling, etc. this may also result in inflammation in or around vertebrae and back muscles or sometimes injure the disc.


These are the common injuries that may be caused to the sports player while practicing or playing. To avoid such injuries, he or she should take some prevention. Otherwise, this may have a harmful impact on their sport carrier. Moreover, one should do proper training and wear proper sporting gear. Enjoy the game, and have safe playing.


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