Learn Common Sports Injuries And How To Prevent Them?

Sports injuries are injuries caused to the sportsperson while playing or practicing different sports like football, hockey, cricket, baseball, or any other sport. Injuries are caused to the player due to lack of proper training and improper use of equipment or improper wearing of sports gear. Whatever may be the reason, but it may have an adverse effect on players.

Researches show that there are more chances of lower body part injuries like knee pain, back pain, fractures in legs, knee or feet rather than upper extremities during sports. Head injuries are proved to be more dangerous and even cause the player’s death in some instances.

Sometimes injury occurred in internal body parts like swelling or inflammation of the head; the doctor does not easily recognize blood clotting in the head during the first visit. This may cause dangerous effects if left untreated or not appropriately treated. Some head-related injuries may cause sleepiness or even a temporary unconscious mind. If doctors or neurologists recognize these, then also it may need proper time to get recovered.

Here are the most common sports injuries and how can you prevent them

Ankle sprain

It occurs when the ankle twists in an awkward way while playing games like hockey, cricket, football, etc. this may cause swelling in the feet and cause a lot of pain. The player usually takes 2 to three days to recover this and needs to rest without moving the injured feet.

Prevention: to prevent ankle strain, the player needs to do a proper warm-up and stretching before the tournament and exercise.

Shin splint

Under this, the player feels extreme pain in the leg’s front side right below the knee. It can happen when too much pressure is exerted on the legs. He or she is unable to walk or run while playing.

Prevention: to prevent this player needs to do a warm-up and stretching before starting the game. Wear comfortable and supportive shoes.


It is the injury caused to the joint (a place where two or more bones come together). Under this, either of the bone slips out of its joint. This temporary injury may immobilize your joint. It is more likely to occur in fingers and shoulders.

Prevention: to cure this, one may apply ice or heat the injured surface or immobilize the joint with a splint or sling for several weeks. Some other preventive measures are wearing proper sports gear, do proper exercise to strengthen your body parts.

Bone fracture

When too much pressure is put on a bone, this results in bone breakage or fracture. This injury may take several weeks or months to recover.

Prevention: likewise, dislocation also needs immobilization of joint with splint or sling to avoid any movement of that part. The player should do strengthening exercises to strengthen their bones and muscles.


This article provides complete detail regarding various sports injuries that may occur and preventive measures that help you to get recover. If this doesn’t work, you may consult a doctor or physique specialist.


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